Thursday, September 13, 2012

7 Habits of Katniss Everdeen

Catching Fire-Katniss Everdeen
7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens-Sean Covey

One foggy morning, dew sitting on each blade of grass. The ground is squishing under your feet. Outside the gates of District 12 Katniss was waiting for Sean. Sean covey a tall brown haired man looked more liked his dad as he got older. Katniss was having some trouble with her stress and needed help so she used the mockingjay call to reach Sean. Katniss was waiting and waiting and waiting until Sean finally showed up. “Sorry i'm late Katniss i was helping another boy with abusive issues.” said sean struggling with his last breath he possibly had. “It’s fine Sean sit down and catch your breath.” Said katniss calmly. “Thank you Katniss you are always so kind to me.” Katniss nodded as if she heard him but didn’t quite understand. “So what has been going on with you lately Katniss?” said Sean very worried “You normally never need to call for an appointment you always have a regular appointment?” Sean was very worried about Katniss. “The Quarter Quell...” Katniss responded in a very soft and low voice. “What about the Quarter Quell?” asked Sean even more worried than before. “ Going back in...” Katniss sounded more scared than ever. she was and barely answering Seans questions. “What do you mean going back in?” “ I’m going back into the arena Sean nightmares are coming to life.” Katniss said in a scary voice and looking straight ahead. She looked like she was staring at nothing. Sean was worried ,he didn’t know what to say he had never had to give advice to something like this. what do i do now? Seans mind had gone elsewhere. Sean did not know what to do. All Sean said was “ Just do what you did in the games.” in a non convincing voice. “Do what i did in the hunger games...what you mean hide up in a tree while looking down on people?” “That's not necessarily what i meant Katniss.” “i mean think of the strategies you used and use them and think of more to trick people because they could steal yours from the games.” “Well this is going to be hard.” “harder than getting married to a guy for publicity?” “More harder than that Sean, more harder than that.” “Well think about it overnight and call me in the morning and we can talk.” “Thanks sean i really appreciate the help you give me.” “you’re welcome Katniss anytime you need me i’m here for you.” The next morning katniss wakes up and gets out of bed and gets the paper she wrote some of her strategies on the night before. She wrote on the paper: Think positive and a little wet spot from her crying on her paper last night thinking about how she has to go back into the games and fight to the death again, wondering if she will ever make it out of that arena alive. Her chances of making it out alive range from about one and a million. Katniss is scared to death for the Quell her hands are shaking all day while braiding her sisters hair and washing the dishes and helping her mom around town.She sees Sean in the town and he asked how that list of strategies were coming. “Good.” katniss says in a tone that sounds just about right to be believable. Of course she was lying all she has was think positive and a tear stain on the paper. She had gotten nowhere.All she was thinking was i’m going to die in that arena. Katniss’s heart was pounding furiously. She wasted that day and night sitting in fear waiting for her death to come near. The next day came along it was a chilly morning katniss put on her sweater and went downstairs. “Good Morning Katniss.” says Sean “Sean? What are you doing here?” Katniss asked with surprise. “ I need to talk to you about he Quell.” says Sean. “What about the Quell?” said katniss looking up with a little more confidence. “Lets Talk Strategies” katniss put her head back down looking at her feet and started to cry. “Katniss what's wrong?” Said Sean worried. “ I'm going to die in the arena.” Katniss says sniffing. “If we work strategies i will not let you die katniss” “What about the other people using my ideas from the games using my own tricks against me.” “Think positive and lets think of some strategies.” by the end of the night i had about 20 new strategies for the quell. I am ready for this now stay positive and look at the list of stragities and i will make it through the quell alive. hopefully...